1. OUR MISSION (WHY do we exist)

 “Seeing lives changed by following Jesus, loving people, and reaching our world.”

 2. OUR PROCESS (HOW we will accomplish our mission)

  • CHRIST – Following Jesus.  This entails attending Sunday worship services.
  • COMMUNITY – Loving people.  This entails joining a Community Group (i.e. Ladies’ Study, Mens’ Group, Home Group, etc.)
  • COMPASSION – Reaching our world. This entails serving in a ministry such as Soup Kitchen, Hospitality, Labor of Love, Greeters, Stewardship Team and EFC Summer Sports Camp.


To change lives and make disciples of thousands of un-churched people by innovatively and boldly sharing God’s love.  This will result in the spiritual transformation of southern Rhode Island. We believe this impact will be evident and tangible on a societal level in Newport County by lowering the rate of: crime, addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc), divorce, poverty, etc.  We also believe this impact will spread to New England and the world.

 4. OUR VALUES – When we look at Acts chapters 1-6, we see 4 values that the early church demonstrated summed up the in acrostic T.E.A.M.:

Transformation—All teaching and ministry is for life change. God’s word and the Holy Spirit change lives.  Therefore all teaching & ministry are done through the power of God’s word & Spirit.

  •  Health—Healthy things grow: spiritually, relationally, and numerically. We strive to be healthy and so grow in our walk with Christ, in our relationships, and numerically as a church.
  •  Grace—We share life together and serve together in an atmosphere of freedom and acceptance based on God’s unconditional love.
  •  Integrity—We live in an authentic way that is true to God, oneself, and to others. We speak the truth in love.

Excellence—God is honored and His Kingdom advanced through our best efforts.

Innovation—The message never changes, but the methods must. We encourage and value new and creative ways of sharing the gospel.  We want to continually stay fresh and relevant.

Accord (Unity)—We focus on the things that unite us.  We strive to keep our entire church body focused and moving in the same direction. Additionally, we work in harmony with other churches to advance God’s kingdom.

Missional—We are an outward-focused church seeking to fulfill the Great Commission. We are all missionaries spreading the good news of the love of Jesus Christ.

  •  Compassion—We care deeply for the spiritually lost, the downtrodden, the brokenhearted, the widow, the alien and the orphan.
  •  Generosity—We sacrificially give of our time and resources for the joy set before us.


TEAM—Transformation, Excellence, Accord, Missional